Sunday, June 28, 2009

Amazingly Sweet

The name of this fruit is Five Fingers. A friend of ours has a beautiful garden with a variety of trees: Mango, Golden Apple, Five Fingers, Coconut, Bananas and others. Occasionally he would call us over to pick some of the fruits. One day we went to pick some coconuts and I saw my husband walking up the hill eating this fruit - Five Figures. I was amazed because I know this fruit to be typically very acid. He just took a large bite of the fruit. I could not understand it. To top it off, he asked me if I wanted a bite. Definitely No!!!!

But as he was eating, I would see the juices falling from his mouth. I did eventually take a small bite with the expectation that it would be acid and I was greatly surprised. Boy was it sweet - real sweet!!!!

When we get the opportunity to pick some of this fruit, I cut them horizontly and the cuts look like stars. I pack these 'stars' for a snack at work.

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