Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fire Balls On Beef Island British Virgin Islands

At first you would think that these are pictures of pieces of junk. But they are pieces of art done by the Argorn Studio situated at Trellis Bay, Beef Island, BVI.
It is an Caribbean arts and crafts center offering, T-shirts, original metal sculptures, pottery, handmade baskets and calabash bowls. They also have various craft workshops.
Every month at full moon, the circle and square structures are filled with pieces of wood and set afire for a full moon party. This venue (Trellis Bay) has gotten quite popular over the past few years. They also keep a Old Years Party. There is normally a live local band and Moko Jumbies to entertain the crowd.

The structures are firmly positioned in the sea, near to shore. The first one that was positioned was the ball. In those days, the full moon party was mostly attended by the tourists who had their yachts anchored nearby. As the party grew in popularity, more local residents now attend these parties on a regular basis.

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