Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Had To Visit Sabarock

For my anniversary this year (January 14th 2009), I wanted to visit this small island (part of the BVI). It is called Sabarock. What you see in the image is the width of the island. It is not very long either. Unfortunately my husband was not able to make the trip with me so I insisted that I go by myself.

I had to take two ferry to get to my destinations . The water is so beautiful and it was a fantastic day.

This image is of a lovely spot at the back of the restaurant/hotel.

One disappointment I had though, was what I had for lunch. I wanted a meal with some lobster and maybe vegetagles but they were only offering tortillas. Most of the restaurtants in the BVI offer a light meal for lunch - they mostly cater for the tourists.

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