Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thank You

My first posting for today is to give thanks. I have another website, about What To Cook, and I said to myself that I am really having fun taking pictures for my site. I would like to have another website about my passion on photography. But I had to save enough money to purchase the domain, hosting etc.

One day I was going through the Ad Sense website and I realized that is part of their program. Then I got an inspiration that I can develop my website/blog about my pictures PLUS it is free! Therefore I could put my dream into gear - no excuses!

For the few days since I started adding pictures to my blog, I am having fun and feeling good about it. I even have another idea to develop another blog on beautiful hair.

Developing this blog is so easy, I like the fact that I can up load my pictures of any size. I once was a member of a program where you can upload your pictures and get paid if anyone purchases your pictures. On two occasions, my payment arrived late and within that time, my images were deleted. On the last occasion, I was very annoyed and never continued using their service. In addition, the pictures had to be of a particular size AND no one purchased my pictures.

Today I did some prep work for three pages of my website and everything went well. I prepared the food and took pictures step by step.


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