Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Beautiful Day At Surfsong

I finally got the opportunity to get some lovely pictures at Surfong Villa Resort. It was a beautiful day today and I decided to walk around the property and just take pictures of any scene that interested me.

There are a lot of pictures with large boulders in them. This is basically the topography of the BVI. When you go to Virgin Gorda, there are even larger boulders. There is a spot called 'The Baths' where you will find a lot of them.

This resort is a great spot to have a beach wedding. It is just perfect. Alot of people from all over the world have their wedding here. The staff will make all the arrangements from pastor/priest to the reception. And of course, you can stay at the resort for the honeymoon.

Entertainment such as sailing for the day or island tours can be arranged for you as well as meal arrangements. Meals are also served inhouse upon request.

If you are just staying at the resort to experience 'Natures Little Secrets', arrangements can be made to transport you to and from the airport and any destination you desire.

There has been some recent additions to the resort - two individual villas called Pool House and Beach House. The names speak for themselves.

To get more information about this resort, just clicking on any of the pictures and you will be directed to their website.


  1. Those big boulders are gorgeous, I want to hop up and stand on them! Surfsong looks like an ideal destination for a romantic getaway, and definitely a good venue for a beach wedding. Your photos have captured that mood. The second from the bottom is my favourite, but the one at the bottom is not far behind as it has great compostion.

  2. I really appreciate your contribution Teresa. After I posted the pictures, I did not get the impression that I was able to capture the feel that I was looking for. But since you have capture the mood I was trying to give my viewers well all I can say to my self is, well done!!!! LOl!!!


Thanks soooo much for commenting on my content . I makes me super happy!!!