Saturday, July 4, 2009

Black Beauty

For this black beauty, there is a story to be told. One beautiful Saturday morning, I went to the coffee shop at Trellis Bay, Beef Island, BVI, to have some breakfast. As I was enjoying my meal and the environment, I saw this black thing in the sea moving toward shore. I could not identify what it was, it looked really odd. It was moving!!! I watched closely.

Then it reached shore and to my surprise it was this dog!!! He swam from where ever to shore! I asked the lady at the cafe about dog and she said that he does it regular. He lives on the island just a short distance from Trellis Bay. Apparently when he is bored, he just takes a nice swim over to the coffee shop. He has to be a very strong swimmer.

In this picture to the left, behind the yachts, you will notice some trees. That is a little island that host a restaurant called Last Resort. This is where the dogs lives and where he swam from! Absolutely Amazing!!!

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