Monday, July 13, 2009

Finally Got a Slide Show

I finally found a slide show feature that I could add to my blog and website. I just created them today and am very impressed. The features are so cool. I took these pictures when we took my husband's family to a sailing trip in 2007, to an island Jos Van Dyke. It is one of the popular islands in the BVI territory. I was just taking pictures while everyone was having fun.

I just discovered this other one and it was so easy. I prefer this one for my cooking website.


  1. Hi

    You have lovely photos in a wonderful slide show setup. You say you were just taking photos while everyone was having fun. That almost sounds like you were missing out on the fun, but by the great photographs you took, it is evident that you did actually have a good time, and that you love photography. So do I. Keep it up!

  2. Someone should take these happy moments on the photo. Lovely slideshow!


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