Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Men Hard At Work!

This evening, my husband and his friends (one of who is a mechanic) were outside of our house doing some chores. The mechanic was working for my vehicle. It was not working for three days and we have been trying to get the part every where. Eventually we finally got the part and now my jeep is repaired!!!! Yeh!!!

While the mechanic was working on my vehicle, my husband was washing his vehicle.

Something seems to be wrong with my camera. since last weekend, I notice that there is a sort of smudge on the bottom right of my pictures. I may really have to get a new camera soon.

Now back to my story. The gentleman below recently got this boat and started doing some repairs. These guys love to go fishing so I guess they saw it feasible to invest in a boat. But do you see the size of that boat??? It could get lost in the deep sea!!!! I definitely would not get into a boat that small. I am too much of a coward!!

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