Friday, July 3, 2009

Five Finger Surprise

This is an interesting story. One day my husband and I went to pick some fruits from a friend's tree in his back yard. My husband went down the hill while I stayed in the safe zone. On his way back up the hill he was eating a fruit that I know to be very acid and it is unheard of to eat it in the manner he was eating it. He was taking large bites. You should have seen the expression on my face.

In addition to that, he was offering me the fruit to take a bite. I absolutely refused.
After numerous offers I gave in because he kept telling me that it was sweet. Boy with that first mini bite, I was in heaven. The fruit was really sweet and the juices were dripping from my mouth. I was totally surprised. I am always telling people about this story.

Today we went to pick more of this fruit because the tree has a lot on it. Of course I walked with my camera, so while my husband was picking, I was 'snapping' away.

In the picture above, he had just taken a bite. I wanted to actually get him taking the bite. Ah well next time I would not be so slow.

The name of this fruit is Five Finger.

Update: My friend just told me that this fruit is also known as Star Fruit. When you slice them from the top, they look like stars.


  1. I like the five finger name you have for them, which I hadn't heard before, but in South Africa, also know them as Star Fruit. It's quite an expensive fruit to buy in the shops here, and not always available. It's about R7 to R10 for Star Fruit of a similar size to what's in the trees in your pictures. (For one Star Fruit) - about $0.89 to $1.28 each.

    In February 2009, Tony and I spent just one night at Seagulls Beach Hotel on the Wild Coast in South Africa, and really enjoyed some star fruit as part of the breakfast there - it was sliced ever so thinly, chilled, and one could add dribbles of yoghurt on top if one liked, but we ate it just like that! Yum. Your friend with these in the garden is very lucky - and so are you!

  2. Thinking about it, I don't see this fruit being sold at the grocery store. The only time we have the privilage of eating this fruit is when our friend's tree is in full bloom and he calls us over to pick some.

    I recently learned of this name 'Star Fruit'. In Trinidad and Tobago (where I am from), we call it 'Five Finger' but it is VERRRRRY acid. So you could imagine my surprise when I tasted this fruit here in Tortola. Yum!!!1


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