Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lets' do some roasting!

I am really proud of these pictures . I took them this evening while my husband was roasting two breadfruits, in our backyard. I was taking step by step pictures specifally for my website. I even did the page a little differently and let the pictures tell the story. Basically I consider this page a feature page.

I am always arguing with him because he says that roasting is not cooking and my debate is that roasting is a method of cooking.

I also took some videos of the process only to find out, when I was downloading the pictures, that I did not record the videos. Therefore I lost all of them. I had to ask my son for assistance and he told me that I had to press the same button, that I use to take out the pictures, to record the videos. Ah well!!! I am a little disappointed but I know exactly what to do next. I never really used the video feature part of my camera before.

I got some good in motion pictures here.


  1. I'm sure you feel sad you lost the video taping of the action sequence, but at least you know what to do next time, and the photos are still good, and came out nicely. Will your husband ever agree that roasting is cooking?

    I do believe it is cooking too - I mean I've never heard someone ask "Can you roast?" or "Can you fry?" or "Can you grill?" - It's usually just "Can you cook?" and covers everything, doesn't it?

  2. I have tried on many occassions to educate him that frying, stewing, boiling, roasting etc are all different methods of cooking. I guess it will take a little while for him to get it!


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