Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Fear for BVI hills

My story today is about my fear for the BVI hills. When I first arrived here in 2000, I was very scared to drive on these hills. Some of the roads are constructed very steep instead of a gradual incline.

I could not understand why I was so scared of these hills, until one day I went driving and told myself I had to overcome this fear.

To be honest with you when I was taking these pictures today, I came out of the vehicle and walked very carefully because I was afraid that I would roll down the hill. I guess some of the fear is still there. The hills may not look so steep in
these pictures but I can assure you that they are.

I think what added to my fear was in some areas, instead of pitch being used, the roads are covered with concrete. In my imagination, when these roads are wet, you could easily slide off the road. Some contractors. take the extra precaution to carve the roads to eliminate the smoothness.

To my surprise, I am not the only that is scared to walk/drive on these steep hills. When my mother visited the BVI and we took her on a tour, she was also scared of the hills. When we first drove her down this hill (on the left), she started to scream. We have a good laugh at her.

One day I went for a drive and I used my son's car, there is another hill, which I had planned to take a picture of today but did not feel like driving to Sea Cow's Bay today. I decided to drive up that hill with my son's car. The poor car could hardly make up the hill. I thought that i would have to reverse down the hill but with a little patience, I made it to the top.

Update 16th Jul 2009: I drove to Sea Cows bay yesterday with my son's car and I was able to take a picture (the last one) of the hill I wrote about earlier. I know the car was not able to make it up the hill so I took the picture from the bottom of the hill.

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  1. Wow! They do look steep, athough I think my 10 and 11 year old sons would love to try taking skateboards down some of those - Aaaargh, they'd have to tie me up somewhere to prevent me from running after them and trying to save them. :)

    The middle photograph of your 5 photographs here is my favourite, and is a great indication of how steep the roads are in that area. A really good photo. Well done!


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