Saturday, July 25, 2009

Devastation Caused By Hurricane In Dominica

My son is presently in Dominica on vacation and posted these pictures on his Facebook, today. When I saw the first image of the tree that had fallen on the bus, I realized that it was a perfect opportunity to take multitude of pictures.

As I perused the rest of the pictures I realized that he did make the most of the opportunity.

That day must have been a very devastating period. My guess is that it was a hurricane to cause this kind of devastation. Look at the size of that tree! I wonder if there was anyone in the bus?

The second picture is of my son in the bus just having fun. The other picture is of his friend, she is also a photography lover. She has been trying for months now to get pictures of him. Every time you try to take his picture, he turns his back. For what reason, I don't know!

He recently purchased a camera for his trip and I notice that he is taking a lot of pictures as if he is interested in photography. Maybe he is thinking of joining me with my photography blog.

You are welcome any day son!


  1. wow, these pictures are AMAZING!!

  2. From Malaysia...nice to meet you ... an amazing foto ... hope u visit back my blog ...tq

  3. Thanks everyone! But I don't want to take all the compliments, these are my son's photos.


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