Thursday, July 30, 2009

Horse Pals

My vehicle was not working for three days this week and I was limited to stay in the office during my lunch hour. On Thursday, I had my husband's vehicle (he was able to get my jeep repaired but used it to ensure that everything was working good.)

On that day I want for a little drive during my lunch hour. It is really refreshing to get out of the office for a while.
I drove to Sea Cows Bay,

purchase something to eat and a lottery ticket (hope I win). On my way back, I notice a horse grazing. I drove by and I said to myself, you are now back in to photography, you should not pass up opportunities like this. I must remember to keep my eyes 'open' to capture great opportunities.

So I turned around and drove to the location where I saw the horse. As I was taking the pictures (which came out pretty good) I noticed another horse that was across the road and he/she was looking in my direction. Apparently he/she and the one that I was taking pictures of, are pals.

So after I was finished taking pictures of horse no. 1, I drove closer to the other horse and took a variety of pictures of him/her.

We all have to be so careful of taking things for granted.


  1. Hi Martina

    Quite a few new photo postings! Keep it up! I like the horses. The middle one you've done well with - you didn't get in very close, but you've filled the frame nicely with that leafy fence in the foreground, and the horse's face being in the shade contrasts nicely against the very bright background. And he/she is looking right at you :) The bottom one draws me in too -that neck looks so smooth, makes me want to reach out and stroke it. Well done.

  2. Thanks Teresa, I really appreciate your comments!


Thanks soooo much for commenting on my content . I makes me super happy!!!