Sunday, July 19, 2009

Interested in building a sucessful website?

I just inserted this video on my website and I decided that it is good thing to share with my blog viewers. I remember my first attempts to create my website (I used the free ones). My website looked pretty alright but I was getting NO traffic at all. I read about this traffic thing online, and I found a variety of websites telling me that I would have to promote my website, which of course would have costed me an arm and a leg.

Well as you would guess I never got anywhere. Until one day my son told me about SBI (Site Build It)and I never turned back since.

Interested in building a successful website? Check out this video.


  1. An interesting video, thanks for sharing it. When clicked on the link that comes up at the end, it looked like it wasn't going to go anywhere, but then opened the tab at the top of my screen, and the sitesell web came up, and scrolling down I got to the info about SBI - quite a bit of info there, but if it made it easy for you to get yourself a successful website, then well done, and I'm glad you used it.

    I didn't know much about computers not too long ago either - even worse than you, who could at least send emails, I didn't even know where to switch the computer on! That was about three years ago.

    Tony and I have been together for two years now, and he had been teaching himself to design websites - and slowly started teaching me too - he has a lot of patience as I had to learn so much he already easily knew - it took me a while to even learn the difference between files and folders, and even how to copy and paste!

    I feel I've learnt an incredible amount in quite a short time, and it's been such fun, but far from over - there is so much more to still learn and understand - what I have found, though, doing it this hard way, myself, with just Tony's help,gave me a good foundation, as I learnt by trial and error, and got really good insight into the ins and outs of the Internet, html web design, SEO and website marketing - and although hard work, it's great fun!

  2. Thanks for your fantastic post Teresa! I took a course in Computer Science but I learn basically everything by trial and error and from friends showing me things here and there.

    SBI makes designing a website so easy, they take care of everything so all I have to do is add my content and I am having fun with it.

    Designing a website from scratch is a lot of work. I don't know html but I have an idea about the simple codes like to format letters to bold,italic etc.

    Good luck to you!!


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