Thursday, August 6, 2009

British Virgin Islands East End August Festival 2009

The height of the British Virgin Islands August Festival is celebrated on the first Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of August each year.

On Monday morning the parade begins with J'ouvert celebrations at Road Town, Tortola, where basically everyone dances/walk on the street accompanied by a large musical band. Later on in the evening, there is a parade of bands with the paraders dressed in beautiful costumes.

What is J'ouvert?
J'ouvert (pronounced 'juuvay'), is a large street party.

The celebration involves calypso/soca bands and their followers dancing thru the streets. The festival starts well before dawn and peaks a few hours after sunrise. Another part of the tradition involves throwing coloured powders, water, smearing paint, mud, or oil on the participants known as "Jab Jabs".

Some theorize that this is done in remembrance of a civil disturbance in Port of Spain, Trinidad, when the people smeared themselves with oil or paint to avoid being recognized.

On Tuesday is horse racing and basically everyone goes to this event. On the Wednesday, the parades go the eastern part of the island. Starting with J'ouvert early in the morning and in the evening a parade of bands.

On Wednesday 6th August 2009 the parade started about 4:30am so my husband left the house about 5:30am to see the parade. Of course I walked with my camera.

The parade passed very close to our house so all we had to do was just walk down the road as we were able to see everything.

The policewoman was positioned at this point so she would divert the traffic. No vehicles was allowed to allowed to pass beyond where she was standing until the passed that area.

As the truck with the music and the 
paraders approached I began to take pictures soon after I realized that my batteries were low. I could not believe it! I normally keep two reserve battery in my camera case but this morning I just picked up the camera and left the case at home!!! I was so disappointed with myself.

Anyway all was not totally lost, I was able to get a few good pictures as you could see.
The last picture of one of a little boy riding down the hill that leads to our house. He and his brother was having their own fun. I was just lucky to get 
this picture.

The party is over now, back to work. Until next year!!!


  1. That really looks and sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. great photos! as usual. Thanks for the comment and the constructive criticism, it's been something that's been on my mind for a few days. You are a rare and valuable person, you know that? Thanks for the advice.

  3. also! How on earth did you get that really cool facebook widget thing? It's awesome!

  4. I created a Facebook page for my blogs and I was able to create this widget from the page.


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