Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Got It!!!!!!

I am so excited!!! I got my Nikon D60 camera today!!!! Yesterday I was taking some pictures with my Konica Minolta camera and was having great problems keeping the batteries in its position.

You apparently the camera fell and the latch that keeps the batteries firmly in place was damaged. Yesterday was the final straw for my camera, it gave up on me. I have been using this camera to take all my pictures for my cooking website, beautiful hair blog and this blog.

Subsequently my son sailed to St. Marteen on Sunday and I contacted him and asked him to get one for me. My budget was $500.00. This is what he got for $465.00. Absolutely fantastic!!! I got a new toy!!!

Well of course I have to read up as much as I can, on what I can do with this camera. The first video that I would like to share with you, basically lists the features of the camera.

This video is about some cool photography tips.


  1. Lol! You sound so excited! I'm really pleased for you. You're definitely going to have plenty of fun with your new toy!
    How to Have Fun Taking Creative Photos Using Filters That You Do Not Buy Or Select in Photoshop

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  3. You bet I am!!! Today I went to my friend's place, this is the person who introduced me to depth of field, and when she saw my bag with my new camera, you should have seen her reaction. You could have sworn the camera was for her! I had a good laugh! She was so excited for me.

    I read the article, you have been doing great things Terry! It is a great article as a matter of fact when I was taking some pictures this morning, I remember what your wrote in the article and implemented some of the tips.

    Great Job!!!


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