Friday, August 28, 2009

Water Drops

I was watching some UTube videos and one of the photographers was doing an experiment to get the perfect water drop. I was really fascinated and decided to do my experiment but not to the extent of doing a special set up. I just took pictures of my faucet with the water flowing in one instance and dripping in the other instance. I especially like the first photo that I took, the sink is blue giving a lovely background for the water. The only fault in my eye is the shadow of the water.


  1. That first one with the blue background is my favourite of the three too. Don't worry about the shadow - it's needed. Without a shadow the water would look like it's been taken from another picture and been stuck onto this one. The shadow makes your photo real.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment Terry. Actually that picture with the blue sink was the one that I like the most. There was another one where the shadow was more prominent. But you have a point - without the shadow the picture may look fake.


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