Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh What a Beautiful Morning, Oh What A Beautiful Day!!!

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day, oh what a beautiful feeling, everything is going my way!

It was such a beautiful morning, that when I was downloading these pictures that song came to mind.

I wanted to capture the rising sun through the trees.

Someone forgot their book.

As I was taking this picture I remember the tips that I read in an article, using the surrounding leaves, trees for framing. I hope the narrator of that article approves of my attempt.


  1. Wow these are very beautiful pics. I love picture #2 the way the sun beams through the trees like all of gods rays!


  2. Thanks Krystel, I love your point of view. It really was a beautiful morning.

  3. I DO approve, lol!

    The first and third images are my favourite. I definitely see an improvement in your compostion. Well done! And well done too on being creative with that third one and going against the usual rules of getting the sun behind you for photo taking sessions!

    The boat is nicely postioned in the first pic, with space for it to "move into".

    Including the book in the tree photo was a nice touch too!

    Hm, just had another look at that third one - it's my favourite.

  4. Wow these comments make feel so good!! Thanks guys, you have just made my day!!!!
    Hey Terry you should give a 'star' for being your best student!!! LOL!1


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