Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rain Drops

I got this tip from one of my blog followers and I think it gave me the inspiration to take these photos.

While I was taking a shower yesterday morning I notice the rain drops on my clothes line which is situated outside our apartment. I then got the idea to take these pictures. The clothes line did not work out. These pictures are of the rain drops on the iron poles that the cloths lines are tied on to.


"Also, don't ever run out of ideas for taking photos. Consider trying all sorts and shooting what you don't normally shoot. Try taking close ups to produce striking abstracts. Try shooting from different angles. Example, think of a door:You could lie down, close to it and take an unusual shot up at it, or stand on a ladder or high chair and shoot down on it. You can take a standard portrait format shot of it, from fairly close, or from a distance, move the main subject of the door around in your "frame" - sometimes putting it closer to a corner, or using the two thirds rule for great composition. Get in close and do the same with the door handle. Find different doors and take close ups showing off the different textures or wood grains of each door. 

Hold a pair of sunglasses in front of your lens for a different color effect - or even a stocking for a dreamy hazy effect, or hold something up close to the camera that has a hole in the center of it, but focus on the door you see through the hole - this will give you a blurry edge or "frame" in your photo with the point of interest standing out clearly in the middle (or whichever third of your frame you decide to use) - but most of all, just have fun and enjoy taking photographs!"


  1. These are great! Super abstracts!

    The top one almost looks like three little alien creatures of little tadpole ish things or little living foetuses (? gosh is that spelling right - or the word usage? lol I guess pictures say more than words) saying hi to the world. Cute little jellyfish things. :)

    And in the bottom image, it's like they've reached the end of the earth (or their particular planet or fantasy world - or womb) and are calling their friends behind them to come check it out!

    Your creativity with your photos makes me think of creative stories to go with them, lol!

    Well done, you've done good -I want to see more.

  2. LMAO!!!! Boy you sure have an imagination!!! Thanks for the compliments. My next 'gig' is the one with the shades!!!!

  3. You're welcome - and thank YOU for including a link to my photos - much appreciated!

  4. Great Pics! I feel inspired to go out and take some pics myself

    Do visit my blog:

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  5. Thanks Nilofer, there are so many beautiful things around us that we take for granted, we just have to 'open' our eyes. I visited your blog and left many footprints!

    You are welcome Terry! Do you have a banner or widget for your site?


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