Friday, August 14, 2009

William The Donkey At 40!

was driving around Road Town, today and saying to myself that I have run out of ideas of what to take photos of. And I subsequently thought that God will inspire me to what to take a photos of.

Then guess what, I saw a man riding a donkey in the heart of town!!!! I feel blessed to meet William (the donkey) today. The owner told me that William is 40 years old!!!! WOW!!!

The owner of the donkey is Reginald 'Pollock' Smith now deceased.

This is his part time job taking his master for a walk around town looking for people to purchase lottery tickets.

His other part time job is attracting the tourists when they visit the territory via a cruise ship. His owner normally dresses William up with flower and maybe a pair of shades. Hopefully next time I would get a picture of him on the job!
There is another donkey in St. Thomas and the owner dresses him up for the tourists as well. Her name is Oprah!!!
Photos taken with my Nikon D60 DSLR camera


  1. Lol! Cute story and cute "old donkey" too. Deceptively clever to include the name of the donkey William in the title too, as one (Well, I did anyway) would assume you're speaking about the owner of the donbkey in the photos, then, upon reading, and finding out it's the name of the donkey, it makes the story so much more homely and warm. Well done.

    Also, don't ever run out of ideas for taking photos. Consider trying all sorts and shooting what you don't normally shoot. Try taking close ups to produce striking abstracts. Try shooting from different angles. Example, think of a door:
    You could lie down, close to it and take an unusual shot up at it, or stand on a ladder or high chair and shoot down on it. You can take a standard portrait format shot of it, from fairly close, or from a distance, move the main subject of the door around in your "frame" - sometimes putting it closer to a corner, or using the two thirds rule for great compostion. Get in close and do the same with the door handle. Find different doors and take close ups showing off the different textures or wood grains of each door. Hold a pair of sunglasses in front of your lens for a different colour effect - or even a stocking for a dreamy hazy effect, or hold something up close to the camera that has a hole in the centre of it, but focus on the door you see through the hole - this will give you a blurry edge or "frame" in your photo with the point of interest standing out clearly in the middle (or whichever third of your frame you decide to use) - but most of all, just have fun and enjoy taking photographs!

  2. Oh my, Terry, you are really a true treasured friend. Thanks sooooo much for that lesson and the compliments about my story! I NEVER thought of anything like that!! For sure I will be doing some experiements and posting on this blog.

    I look at some of your abstract photography and they do not really appeal to me, maybe I just have to open my mind.

    About the donkey, it occured to me that my viewers would think that William was the owner's name but I decided to let that work for me.

    Like I am always saying, I am not an author (English Language was not my favorite subject in school) but I am enjoying posting my little stories with my photos.

  3. Hi Martina

    I'm glad my tips helped inspire you.

    I look forward to seeing some of your new photos on your blog. Abstract photography does not have to appeal to you to give it a shot, just for a few photos, as actually doing it may possibly suddenly open your photographic eye to other creative ways of taking photos - not necessarily of doors or objects, but of people, animals, and food too.

    Another method to try is to walk around with an old photo frame - just the frame with no glass or picture in it, and move it around in front of you and "see" the different photos you could possibly be taking, or different compositions of a particular subject. Soon, you won't need the frame, and can just imagine it in front of you wherever you look - the more you practice this, lol, the more annoying it could even become, for wherever you go, you will just be seeing potential shots all over the place!

    I enjoyed English at school - but sucked at Biology, Geography and Maths.

    Keep shooting,

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  5. Hi Sean, I visited your site and read a few stories. The one about the wife tipping the steward had me rolling with laughter.

    My personal opinion - maybe if you have some pictures with the stories......

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