Saturday, September 5, 2009

Flamingos At The Pond

You may be thinking that these pictures were taken in the evening around 6:30pm, well it was the total opposite. I took these pictures this morning (5th September 2009 at around 8:30am.

What happened was I had my camera set on automatic therefore my camera was focusing on the trees that were in front of me. You see these birds were in a pond on Beef Island, British Virgin Islands. It is a rare site to see them there.

The pond is surrounded by mangrove trees. I tried to get as close as possible until I reached a point where the soil under my feet was very soft - like quick sand.I had to reset my camera to manual settings - I did not adjust anything else. I was so excited! Thus the reason the pictures look like they were taken in the evening.
I used this website to crop these pictures.

7th September 2009
I discovered that I could adjust the lighting (with my camera) on my photos after they have been taken. These are the results and then I cropped them (using the online cropper above).
Cool eh?

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