Thursday, September 24, 2009

Large Images

I will like to take this opportunity to post about a blog that I recently found. The blog is about blogging tips and I have done some really great things since I started reading this blog and I have only just begun. The large image below is one of the tips.

Based on one of the tips I was able to upload this large picture in my blog and was directed to PhotoBucket where I was able to do some really fun things with this photo.
This picture is a close up shot of my weddings rings. The sapphire ring is really not swirly like that. I applied some effects from Photobucket.


So check out Sneaky Momma Blog Designs for all your blogging tips. Five large stars to you Sneaky, Great Job!!!


  1. I love your ring. It is beautiful!

    You did a great job with your photo! I'm so glad that you've been helped by my tips. Thank you for posting about my blog. I really appreciate it! :)

  2. Thanks Sneaky and you are most welcome!! I learned a great deal from your blog.


Thanks soooo much for commenting on my content . I makes me super happy!!!