Saturday, September 12, 2009

A rare sight indeed!

These pictures were taken when my son visited Anguilla last year.

When I first saw picture number one, I could not identify what he had in his hand. In the picture, he was just standing there with his hand streched out. So I asked him what is so special about this picture, what was in his hands. Then he told me that he was feedings the birds!!! AWESOME!!! I cropped the picture so you can really see the birds on his hands!

Apparently these birds are accostomed to being feed by people. They are so pretty.

A few mornings, I noticed one of them paid me a visit when I was hanging my clothes on the clothes line. I was so happy to see it. A rare sight indeed!

About this bird:

The name of this bird is BANANAQUIT aka Yellowbreast, Banana Bird.

Status: A very common resident. Description: 4-5”. A small bird, black above and yellow below, with a
conspicuous white line above the

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