Monday, October 12, 2009

How To Take Pictures Through The Fence

You are probably wondering why I posted these pictures of this vehicle. Well it a new technique that I learned - taking pictures through a fence. I was able to get my camera to focus on the distant object and not the immediate object (the fence).

What I did was to set my camera to taking flowers at a close range and then I stood very close to the fence, putting my camera as close to the fence as possible. After a few adjustments, different positions and photos, I was able to capture the effect that I wanted.



  1. Thanks for sharing that mini lesson. Great photos!

  2. WOW Martina! Awesome shot of the ship through the fence! Black&white a great choice for displaying too! I love the way just the blur of the fence is there, and it doesn't make me feel as if it's even a photo, but the view of somebody peering through a fence, and there's an air of mystery around it - like who is that person? What are they doing there, peering through the fence. Sort of like when one watches a good movie and doesn't stop think there's cameramen all over the place. All the through the fence shots are great, and give me that "mysterious" feeling, but the ship one is my favourite. Well done, Martina. I'm off to comment on two more pics of yours but started with this one.

  3. Thanks Morten and Teresa. When I first saw this tip on this technique, I remember a photo that my son took on his trip to Dominica. He took a picture of a bird through the fence at the zoo. I thought that he could have done better than that. He then explained later on that there was another fence between him and the other fence.

    I then personally developed a desire to learn to overcome a situation like this and I have done it!


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