Thursday, October 15, 2009

Salt Island British Virgin Islands Part 1

My son borrowed his friend's boat and we took a trip to Salt Island, British Virgin Islands on Sunday 11th October 2009. I took an abundance of pictures and will be posting them in parts. Salt Island is where we have a natural resource of PURE salt.

In this picture, my son's girlfriend is having a taste of the pure salt. It tasted quite good actually. Its really amazing!

I took this picture myself but did not zoom in enough, this is a little stone with some pure salt on top of it. I will post other pictures later on where you can see the actual salt crystals.

The white 'ring' around the black stone is pure salt.


  1. It really quite interesting. We had to leave before we were really ready because of the rain. We tried to shelter in an old house but there was alot of holes in the roof. I did however was able to get pictures of the old windows and doors of this shelter.


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