Saturday, October 17, 2009

Salt Island, British Virgin Islands Part 3

These are some really close up views of the rock salt. The white crystals are the rock salt.


  1. The salt is very cool. Can it be used in cooking?

  2. The third of these salt ones is my favourite - love the way the background is hazy making focus on the foreground - on the main subject - that much clearer and more important. A good overall blend of colours in the entire picture too. Well done!

  3. Yes Morten, this is the raw material used to make the salt that is used to cook with. It just needs to be processed first. It tasted good too!

    These pictures actually have a story to go with it. I first started taking these pictures myself, with the stone in one hand and my camera in the other hand. But I was havings problems because I had my camera bag on my shoulder and handbag.

    It was my son who showed me how to adust my camera to get these pictures. A bit embarassed (this is my camera, I should have known this technique) but am proud that my son should me this technique.


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