Saturday, November 7, 2009

Miss British Virgin Islands 2009

These pictures are of a young lady that I have seen on numerous occasions at my hairdresser salon.  She is the owner's  daughter.  I have seen her as she grew through primary school, high school now she is working in the company's business.  

Recently she was a contestant in the Miss British Virgin Islands pageant and she won!!!  I saw one of her performances and she was brilliant.  I am so proud of her.  Last week when I went to have my hair touch up, I took her picture with my cell phone.  I congratulated her and we chat for a while.  She promised that she will drop off one of her pictures for me and she kept her promise.


  1. Congrats to her!!!!!!!!!!
    It is nice when you see children come up from childhood. Your're there through a lot of steps in there life, I feel that way about my stepkids.

  2. I remember when she use to come into the salon after school and she would comb and comb her hair. I would watch her and just smile.


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