Saturday, November 28, 2009

Please Back Up

I should know better.  Many years ago when I was new in computer field, my job entailed editing the company's financial documents using a software called PageMaker.  One day, after spending hours on a file, I lost it!!!  I was so upset,  and disappointed with myself that I was not saving AND backing up my file periodically.

You would have thought that I learned my lesson.  About a month ago my compuer crashed and eventhough I was backing up my files, apparently I was not backing up often enough.  I had to change my hard drive and am now realizing that I did not retrieve alot of my pictures.

So folks, being in the photography field, it is important to back up your files maybe once a week.  Remember moments lost cannot be regained.

I have two Jump Drives, the red one has a capacity of 1GB and the other one, 8GB.

My son recently bought this external hard drive and it has a capacity of 250GB!!!  It looks like a note book!

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  1. These words can't be said enought. i do work with computers and see this a lot.


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