Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hi everybody, I will like you to meet Spike!!!  He is my neighbor's present dog and I have a story to tell you about him. 

My relationship with Spike first began with his mother whose name was Lucy.  Lucy was also my neighbor's dog.  I don't know if she died or if they lost her somewhere.  

They first got her with another dog that they called Snow (he was a male dog).  Snow was always friendly with me.  Everyday he would come and look for me and allow me to play with him.  Snow and Lucy were a real couple.  Every where Snow went, Lucy was there.  But when Snow decided to take a stroll on the streets, Lucy would not leave her home, I admired that about her. 

At first she was not friendly to me at all until she realized how I dealt with Snow.  I noticed her attitude towards me changed after she had pups.  We became good friends.  One of her pups was Spike and he developed the habit of coming to look  for me also. 

Snow died (I was so sad when I heard the news) and eventually Lucy was no longer around and Spike still looks for me whenever his master lets him loose.


  1. Personally I don't think he gets alot of loving and exercise.

  2. The picture you comment, are only shadows in the wall. Thank you for the visit. Spik looks a good boy.

  3. Great pic, Martina!

    Love what you've done with the edges of the "frame" - seems to make Spike pop out of the photo. Well done.



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