Friday, November 13, 2009

spooked chickens

I did this video to capture the sounds of the chickens crowing.  There are about nine wild chickens living around my home and they sleep in a tree behind my house.  Normally the roosters would crow about 4:00 am each morning but this particular morning, they were all still in the tree and ALL the chickens were crowing as if something had spooked them.  But thinking about if something did spook them, they would have flown out of the tree!

I remember when my kids first came to live me in the BVI, my son was speaking to his father who lives in the USA and as they were conversing, his father commented that he was so surprised to hear the rooster crow because it has been years since he had heard the sound.  It was like music to his hears.  

The things we take for granted!

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