Monday, December 7, 2009


I just took this picture a few minutes ago with my son's camera.  It was Christmas on Main Street.  Do you see the guy on the extreme left??  Looks a ghost!  He was passing in from of me as I was taking this picture.

My main focus of this picture was the guy (a native of Trinidad and Tobago) playing the instrument called a steelpan.  This instrument is made from oil drums.

Christmas on Main Street is an event that we have every year on Tortola BVI.  The street (Main Street) is blocked off and different people display their craft for sale.  There was lots of food and entertainment.  The event lasted for the weekend.


  1. Gorgeous drums those steel drums made from oil drums - and the sound they make - my 12 year old son plays in the steel drum band at his school, made from the same kind of drums as these in your picture. My almost-11 year old son plays in the marimba band at school - and I do think I prefer the sound of marimbas, although sometimes I'm not sure - and I can't read music - just my kids can - I'm very proud of them as they both play recorder too.

    A little scary, yeah, that guy coming into the picture from the right, but sort of adds to the image and mood - without him in the image, the place looks really quiet, but with him in it, it's a hint that there are other spectators there too.


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