Friday, December 4, 2009

My First Customer

This gentleman is one of my co-workers and last Saturday, we attended a baby shower of another co-worker.  As you can see he was smartly dressed.  I took my camera with me and he asked me to take some pictures of him.  In this shot, I instructed him how to pose.

So he asked me to have the pictures printed out for him, so I did that yesterday.  I took my memory chip to my photo store and had them print three pictures for me.  The cost was $1.80.  They look great!!! 

So when I delivered the pictures to the guy, he asked me how much I had for  him and I told him that he did not owe me anything.  I really did it as a favor to him.  Then he said that he will need copies, so of course I will have to charge for that!!!


  1. Hmm those shoes reminds me of a movie or three..

  2. LOL!!! For real, he looks like those mafia guys in the movies, sun shades and all. And would you believe, for the entire time we were there, he did not remove them???!!!

  3. nice work.
    Which are the photos you have sold?

  4. Awesome news Martina! Now you must look for more customers! This is a great photo and I'm sure he was thrilled with the pics you gave him.


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