Friday, April 16, 2010

Healey's Favorite Beach, Beef Island, British Virgin Islands

This is my friend and boss, she took me to visit her dog's favorite beach.  She calls it Healey's beach after the dog.  We had a blast of a time.  It was a simple walk until she decided to take me hiking over some gigantic rocks.  I am physically out of shape but I made it even though I got a bit dehydrated and my friend had to run back to the house (which was not far) to get me some water. She was so patient and attentive.  She is a wonderful human being - photogenic too!  Thanks my friend!

This is Healey! She just loves the water, she swam, chase some goats (which we did not see), had a good roll in the sand - she just had an awesome time!
Photo taken with Nikon D60 DSLR Camera

Update:  Healey died September 2, 2018


  1. It was so much fun for us too and you are a WARRIOR!!!! Next week we are off to the salt ponds on Beef Island to see the boulders to climb, I promise!
    Look at those lovely new mangrove shoots in the background.

  2. Hi Nativa! nice to meet you!
    wow! you are a great pproducer of images!and you love to do it!
    Im leaving with a big smile, thanks for joining too me Lens:)

  3. beautiful place!!! goord bye and a big hug from argentina


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