Friday, November 12, 2010

Macro Photography

Well my quest for a zoom lens has brought me to Macro Photography aka Close Up Photography.  Macro Photography is basically a technique where you can take pictures of a very small object with the finest of detail.  To do that, certain equipment has to be purchased like a lens with a range of about 80 - 200mm.

These lens are a bit expensive so a cheaper way to start is maybe getting some close up filters, which I did.  The ones I got are +1, +4, +10 and +2.  I purchased my package from Amazon - must say that Amazon really provide a great service.  I was so excited to get my filters that I had used the express delivery service.

The filters came in a cute little black box.  The following pictures are my first attempt with all the filters on. 

My conclusion:  To take these pictures with the close up filters, I had to move my camera VERY close to the object which as much as I like this type of photography, is not what I am looking for.  I want to be able to take pictures of birds for instance, without having to get to close to them.  Because as you know, getting close up to birds would result in them flying away.  So I think what I really need is the zoom lens.  But I will work more with these close filters.

My Nikon D60 camera with a 18-55 mm lens and it does not allow me alot of zoom capability.  If I had to zoom in without the close up filters (to take pictures of the flowers -above for example), I would not get very close.  If I move physically closer, the image would be blurred.  So I am very limited with my present lens if I want to do any type of special photography tips.

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