Thursday, January 27, 2011

RAW files

A few days ago, I was taking some pictures of some butterflies and noticed that a humming bird was flying about.  I knew that I would not have been able to get close enough to get a close up picture.  So I was thinking that maybe if I made the size of picture bigger, I would be able to crop the picture and get good result. 

I went though the camera's menu and chose the RAW option (thinking that this was the biggest size).  Boy was I wrong. 

I was able to get about three pictures of the bird but of course not close enough.  When I attempted to view the picture from the camera, I was not able to do so and had to download the pictures onto my computer.  I was eventually able to see them.  The files were not as big as I thought so cropping them did not result in anything good.

Last week Saturday I took some pictures of a recipe that I was preparing and yesterday I was downloading them and thought that I may have lost them.  The online software that I normally use to resize my photos could not open the file.  So I decided to change the file format.

I open them in Paint and saved them as jpg files.  When I took those pictures I did not remember to change the format from RAW to FINE.  That was one hard lesson learnt!

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