Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sho Sho Bird

 I posted a picture of this bird on my profile account and one of my friends said she a lady at Cane Garden Bay told her that another name for this bird is 'sho sho' because they are always looking to steal your leftovers and you have to 'run' them!

Photographer's Art

Friday, April 8, 2011

Clean Camera Lens Photography Tip

These are my best flamingo photos thus far.  You see, these birds come to this Beef Island BVI pond when it is almost dried out that way it is easy for them to feed - as you can see in this photo, one of the flamingo's head is in the water fishing!  This particular day, they were very close to the road so I was able to take some good close up pictures.  I also found a trail where I could walk through the bushes and walk on the dry firm part of the pond.

After I uploaded my photos, I saw that there was a spot on my all my pictures.  If you look carefully, you would see a black symbol like a 6 on the top part of the picture.  I was a little concerned until I removed the UV lens from my zoom lens and had a good look at it.  There was a spot that I could clearly see and I wiped it off with a piece of cloth.  So my lens are all good again!