Sunday, May 22, 2011

Dog Without An Owner

I was surprise to see this dog at Trellis Bay, Beef Island BVI.  He is so handsome but it is obvious that he does not have an owner.  What a pity.  There were two other dogs with him.

Photographer's Art


  1. Poor doggie, I hope will find a good owner and place soon.
    Nice pictures!

  2. we love dogs :)
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling <3

  3. Belas fotos de lindo animal...Espectacular....

  4. He is such a pretty dog. Normally we don't have 'stray' dogs in the area. They would be picked up and placed in a compound. But for some reason, no one has picked him up as yet. If I had space, I would have taken them home.

  5. AAgghhh

    hij loopt er ook zo moedeloos bij
    mooie foto's
    gr. louisa


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