Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What Is This? Sargassum Seaweed

What is this brown stuff in the water?  A few days as I was returning to Tortola, we had to make a short stop in St. Lucia and as we were approaching the island I saw this stuff in the water.  I was concerned that it may have been some sort of pollution.  Now today as I was going into town I saw this same stuff in the water at Kingstown, and Baughers Bay.

I had to make a stop at Prospect Reef and the stuff was there too.  Of course I had to take pictures and approached the area only to realize that it is just sea weed!  The stuff is even on Long Bay Beach, Beef Island washed up on the shores.

In my opinion, it seems like the ocean is purging itself.  What do you think?

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  1. That is amazing how the ocean balances itself

  2. @Selena, it is quite amazing. I also relieved that it was not any pollution of any sort. Thanks for visiting Elettra!


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