Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Visit To Emperor Valley Zoo, Trinidad And Tobago

On my visit to Trinidad in June 2011, my husband and I visited the Emperor Valley zoo.  I have not been there in years.  There are quite a few recent developments to the zoo, like the underground aquarium for example.
I got so excited with I saw these flamingo close up.  Look at they feet, they are pink as well!  My husband took these great pictures!
Again my husband took this pictures.  I refused to go any where near to the cages with the snakes.  But now I can look at the pictures.  Weird!
These ducks were in the same area with the pink flamingos.  Seems like the ducks were having a little 'spa' moment!
This is a great picture of this lion thank goodness for my zoom lens. There is a plexi glass that separates the lion from the zoo visitors.  That is the reason the pictures looks a bit dull.  He is the only one that we saw in the den.
Photos taken with Nikon D60 DSLR Camera


  1. Martina, you made great photographs. I think the most dangerous animal is a snake.

  2. Hallo Nativa

    I like the lion very much

    Gr. Louisa

  3. Funny that you should say that Selena, I was very scared to go any where close to the cage where the snakes were located. It took me a while before I could look at these snake pictures without any problems. The strange thing though I can watch any documentary about snakes. As a teenager, I could not even done that. Thanks for the compliments.

    Thanks Gr. Louisa, the lions seemed lonely though.

  4. Hello Martina,
    Very nice shots of these animals of the Zoo. I found the ducks very funny how they bite each other.

    Greetings, Marco


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