Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Lost My Files Again!

I lost my files again!!!

My WD (Western Digital) Passport external portable hard drive fell on the ground on Friday and on Saturday I realized my computer was not reading the external hard drive! I panicked.
I called one computer store and they told me they would not be able to retrieve the data after they crack open the case of the hard drive.

I thought that the representative was talking nonsense so I took the hard drive to another computer store. I had to show the guy how to remove the hard drive from the casing. I got this knowledge thanks to YouTube.

I called the technician today and he said there was a technical problem with the hard drive and my data can not be restored!!! What????
I know you can get the source information of a web page online by clicking on the view  option on the menu bar and selecting the source option.  The problem with that I was seeing ALL code for my Support and Includes.  This is not what I really wanted.  

When I got home I posted a question on SBI forum about how I can retrieve the files I uploaded to SBI server and within five minutes I got a response. I was able to download each file that I uploaded and save the missing ones and recently revised one to my computer.

I am so relieved.  On good thing though, I did a back up my files (no my computer) on October 5, 2011.  I promptly did a back up on an old Lexar jump drive.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Marketing With Photo Videos

Another great marketing tip that I learned is to create photo videos and upload the videos to YouTube!  Actually I knew about this tip but not really as a forum to market my photos and websites.

My son taught me to use Windows Movie Maker for this project.  Now I have a new laptop but Windows Movie Maker was not installed.  So of course I Googled Windows Movie Maker and on the first page, there it was!  I was able to download the software.  It took about twenty minutes to download.

I then started creating my photo video.  I created a title for the movie and added the related photos for that video.  I inserted a link to my photography website at the end of each photo and at the end, I inserted a title with name and website link.
I added some music (this is optional) but I had a little problem locating some music that I downloaded to my ITunes folder.  Hopefully by my next video, I would figure that out.

A great feature that Windows Movie Maker has is the special effects, I just clicked on one of the special effects button and I got a nice effect that I was happy with.

Here is the video that I just created

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Photo Greeting Cards

As we approach the Christmas holidays, I am thinking of making photo greetings to send to my family and friends.  Low and behold, I read about this marketing tip from an SBI photography website that giving friends and family photo greetings cards is a great way to market yourself as a photographer.  The following is the article from the site:

"Greeting cards can be produced with your inkjet printer by printing on greeting card stock paper sold at office supply stores. You can create a box of ten or twelve cards that include your best photography work and send it to clients or potential clients as a gift. Christmas is an especially good time to do this, but any holiday could be used as a good excuse to send this gift/portfolio. For example, there is no reason why you can’t promote yourself this way in celebration of the Fourth of July or Thanksgiving.
You could do this on a monthly basis as an aggressive campaign; there are many holidays to use.

Greeting cards are a very cost-effective and under used photography marketing tool. Like stamps, coins and baseball cards, a lot of people collect/keep greeting cards – especially the most visually appealing cards. Of course, they also send them to family and friends. But, many are collected. With your contact info on the back, you are a part of their collection – and database!

With careful and deliberate planning, your photography portfolio will result in establishing your reputation. Your portfolio will speak whether you are in the room with it, or not. Make sure that it shouts out your name and skills. Only include your best in your portfolio. And always strive to make your best even better. "

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Frog Trapped

This picture looks a bit - scary even looks like an alien!!!  It is a frog and it is trapped between the window and the hurricane shutters.  I was at the Old Governor House Museum (Road Town, Tortola BVI) in the Stamp Room when I notice this frog. I thought that it was dead but as I looked closely, I saw that it was breathing.  I hope he gets out of there alive.  Check out the suction cups at the end of its 'fingers'!

The Stamp Room is the newest exhibit at the Old Government House Museum.  The Stamp Room opened in November 2006 and houses a virtually complete collection of B.V.I. stamps.  The stamp exhibition is supported by the BVI Philatelic Society.

Bird At Beef Island Pond, British Virgin Islands

I saw this bird at the pond on Beef Island today. As I was taking pictures of the bird, he did not move.  Normally if you get too close to them, they would run or fly away.  But he just stood there.  At one point I thought he was maybe injured or something.  Then when I really got close, he ran away.  BUT I was able to get some great pictures of him.  I just need to find out what type of bird it is.  Night Heron.

Photographer's Art

Friday, November 11, 2011


About three months ago, I purchased a new printer for US$50.00 - HP Deskjet 2000.  To me it was a steal of a deal.  On my return from my trip to Trinidad, I decided to print some pictures that I took and was greatly surprised at the quality of the pictures.  I bought some photo paper and have since printed a few more pictures and sent to my mom and family friends.  I have also printed one of my mom, daughter and son and put the pictures in picture frames!

Recently however, I attempted to print some documents and was having some problems. Now, if the ink cartridges are close to being empty, the printer would not print.  Since I was printing alot of pictures, I realized that maybe I should get a new colour cartridge - which I did but the printer still would not work.   This is another thing that I like about this printer, it uses only two ink cartridges - one black and one color.  The other printer that I had required four cartridges, magenta, black, yellow and fusha.

So today I decided to call a computer company to ask for assistance.  This is the company that I purchased the printer from.  The technician was very helpful and he advised me that I should purchase a new printer cable and USB hub. 

You see I have a laptop and it only has two usb ports.  I use three devices that require a usb port, my external hard drive, external mouse and printer.  Most times I have to unplug the printer to use the external hard drive and apparently this was confusing the computer.

So I got myself a usb hub and new printer cable and I am happy to say that my printer is working again!

Photographer's Art

Portable Hard Drive Case

I have been a using a portable hard drive for some months now.  My son first introduced me to it and after having my computer 'crash' a few times and lost alot of my photos which I use for this blog, I decided that it is time to get myself a portable hard drive (500GB!).

I also have a jump drive but it cannot hold as much information as the portable external hard drive. I now take it with me wherever I go.  I take it to work with me and I also traveled with it when I went to Trinidad this year.  That way I was able to work on my website and also manage my pictures etc.  Previously I would have to wait until I get home to organize my files etc.
So basically everyday I would unplug my portable external drive from my laptop and place in my bag.  I was not too happy that the hard drive was in my bag unprotected.  So I purchased a case - Portable Hard Drive Case.  I feel better and more organized now.

My next concern was if I could detach the cord from the hard drive and neatly place in the case.  So I went on YouTube and was able to find a video which answered my question.  Yea!!!


Photographer's Art

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Picking Coconuts In Trinidad

My mother has a coconut tree in her backyard in Trinidad and every two weeks a coconut vendor would come by and pick some coconuts.  He buys them from her wholesale to sell retail.  He came with a guy who climbed the tree.  I  was fortunate to be there when the guys came by.  Of course I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures.  The guy who climbed the tree is very skilled.  He climbed the tree with a rope tied on to his ankle.  When he got to the top of the tree, and located a good bunch of coconuts, he untied the rope from his ankle and then tied it to the bunch of coconuts.


He then lowered the bunch of coconuts to the ground by slowly releasing the rope that is attached to the bunch.

My mom had more coconut trees in her backyard but now she only has one.  The coconuts are VERY sweet!
To see more pictures go to this page on my trini recipe website.

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