Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I Lost My Files Again!

I lost my files again!!!

My WD (Western Digital) Passport external portable hard drive fell on the ground on Friday and on Saturday I realized my computer was not reading the external hard drive! I panicked.
I called one computer store and they told me they would not be able to retrieve the data after they crack open the case of the hard drive.

I thought that the representative was talking nonsense so I took the hard drive to another computer store. I had to show the guy how to remove the hard drive from the casing. I got this knowledge thanks to YouTube.

I called the technician today and he said there was a technical problem with the hard drive and my data can not be restored!!! What????
I know you can get the source information of a web page online by clicking on the view  option on the menu bar and selecting the source option.  The problem with that I was seeing ALL code for my Support and Includes.  This is not what I really wanted.  

When I got home I posted a question on SBI forum about how I can retrieve the files I uploaded to SBI server and within five minutes I got a response. I was able to download each file that I uploaded and save the missing ones and recently revised one to my computer.

I am so relieved.  On good thing though, I did a back up my files (no my computer) on October 5, 2011.  I promptly did a back up on an old Lexar jump drive.


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