Sunday, November 27, 2011

Marketing With Photo Videos

Another great marketing tip that I learned is to create photo videos and upload the videos to YouTube!  Actually I knew about this tip but not really as a forum to market my photos and websites.

My son taught me to use Windows Movie Maker for this project.  Now I have a new laptop but Windows Movie Maker was not installed.  So of course I Googled Windows Movie Maker and on the first page, there it was!  I was able to download the software.  It took about twenty minutes to download.

I then started creating my photo video.  I created a title for the movie and added the related photos for that video.  I inserted a link to my photography website at the end of each photo and at the end, I inserted a title with name and website link.
I added some music (this is optional) but I had a little problem locating some music that I downloaded to my ITunes folder.  Hopefully by my next video, I would figure that out.

A great feature that Windows Movie Maker has is the special effects, I just clicked on one of the special effects button and I got a nice effect that I was happy with.

Here is the video that I just created

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