Thursday, November 24, 2011

Photo Greeting Cards

As we approach the Christmas holidays, I am thinking of making photo greetings to send to my family and friends.  Low and behold, I read about this marketing tip from an SBI photography website that giving friends and family photo greetings cards is a great way to market yourself as a photographer.  The following is the article from the site:

"Greeting cards can be produced with your inkjet printer by printing on greeting card stock paper sold at office supply stores. You can create a box of ten or twelve cards that include your best photography work and send it to clients or potential clients as a gift. Christmas is an especially good time to do this, but any holiday could be used as a good excuse to send this gift/portfolio. For example, there is no reason why you can’t promote yourself this way in celebration of the Fourth of July or Thanksgiving.
You could do this on a monthly basis as an aggressive campaign; there are many holidays to use.

Greeting cards are a very cost-effective and under used photography marketing tool. Like stamps, coins and baseball cards, a lot of people collect/keep greeting cards – especially the most visually appealing cards. Of course, they also send them to family and friends. But, many are collected. With your contact info on the back, you are a part of their collection – and database!

With careful and deliberate planning, your photography portfolio will result in establishing your reputation. Your portfolio will speak whether you are in the room with it, or not. Make sure that it shouts out your name and skills. Only include your best in your portfolio. And always strive to make your best even better. "

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