Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Picking Coconuts In Trinidad

My mother has a coconut tree in her backyard in Trinidad and every two weeks a coconut vendor would come by and pick some coconuts.  He buys them from her wholesale to sell retail.  He came with a guy who climbed the tree.  I  was fortunate to be there when the guys came by.  Of course I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures.  The guy who climbed the tree is very skilled.  He climbed the tree with a rope tied on to his ankle.  When he got to the top of the tree, and located a good bunch of coconuts, he untied the rope from his ankle and then tied it to the bunch of coconuts.


He then lowered the bunch of coconuts to the ground by slowly releasing the rope that is attached to the bunch.

My mom had more coconut trees in her backyard but now she only has one.  The coconuts are VERY sweet!
To see more pictures go to this page on my trini recipe website.

Photographer's Art

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