Friday, November 11, 2011

Portable Hard Drive Case

I have been a using a portable hard drive for some months now.  My son first introduced me to it and after having my computer 'crash' a few times and lost alot of my photos which I use for this blog, I decided that it is time to get myself a portable hard drive (500GB!).

I also have a jump drive but it cannot hold as much information as the portable external hard drive. I now take it with me wherever I go.  I take it to work with me and I also traveled with it when I went to Trinidad this year.  That way I was able to work on my website and also manage my pictures etc.  Previously I would have to wait until I get home to organize my files etc.
So basically everyday I would unplug my portable external drive from my laptop and place in my bag.  I was not too happy that the hard drive was in my bag unprotected.  So I purchased a case - Portable Hard Drive Case.  I feel better and more organized now.

My next concern was if I could detach the cord from the hard drive and neatly place in the case.  So I went on YouTube and was able to find a video which answered my question.  Yea!!!


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