Friday, November 11, 2011


About three months ago, I purchased a new printer for US$50.00 - HP Deskjet 2000.  To me it was a steal of a deal.  On my return from my trip to Trinidad, I decided to print some pictures that I took and was greatly surprised at the quality of the pictures.  I bought some photo paper and have since printed a few more pictures and sent to my mom and family friends.  I have also printed one of my mom, daughter and son and put the pictures in picture frames!

Recently however, I attempted to print some documents and was having some problems. Now, if the ink cartridges are close to being empty, the printer would not print.  Since I was printing alot of pictures, I realized that maybe I should get a new colour cartridge - which I did but the printer still would not work.   This is another thing that I like about this printer, it uses only two ink cartridges - one black and one color.  The other printer that I had required four cartridges, magenta, black, yellow and fusha.

So today I decided to call a computer company to ask for assistance.  This is the company that I purchased the printer from.  The technician was very helpful and he advised me that I should purchase a new printer cable and USB hub. 

You see I have a laptop and it only has two usb ports.  I use three devices that require a usb port, my external hard drive, external mouse and printer.  Most times I have to unplug the printer to use the external hard drive and apparently this was confusing the computer.

So I got myself a usb hub and new printer cable and I am happy to say that my printer is working again!

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