Saturday, January 7, 2012

Photo Walk Day

This is my first post for the year 2012. Happy New Year to all my visitors!

I have found a great place to do my regular walks at a spot on Trellis Beef Island BVI.  Today I took my Pentax point and shoot camera with me so my walk today was a Photo Walk.  I did not take my Nikon D60 was I did not want anything too bulky in my  back pack.  It is my intention to take my camera with me at all times bud the last time I was about to pack my camera in my back pack, I realized that my camera battery needed charging.

As I started my walk today, my thoughts were mostly about my job and ideas for my websites.  I realized that I was not really enjoying my walk.  I really enjoy walking in this area because it is a nice simple walk, and the trail is close to the beach.  I hardly see any one else walking while I am there.  I like it this way and it is safe.

As I reached the end of my trail, I took some pictures of this unique looking grass.  I used a landscaping photography tip (Golden Rules) of getting down in the grass and taking the photo from a different angle.  I did not lay down on the ground as I did not want my cloths to get dirty so I squat as low as I could and this is result.

I realized that taking these pictures totally changed my trend of thought from my job to my photography which was so refreshing.  You know sometimes one needs a break from particular task in order to maybe solve a nagging problem or see things from a different angle.

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