Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Report On Photography Job

My photography (beach birthday party for a 13 year old) job went great!  To be honest I enjoyed taking candid shots the most.  Having my to instruct the kids to pose was quite boring - to me that is.  I took about 1000 pictures! 

Initially the day started with a bit of rain but eventually the weather was great, the kids had a blast of a time!

The next step was to edit the photos, that took me quite a while.  Quite a few people wore white clothing and there are some occasions, the white clothing conflicted with the background.  I did not observe this until I downloaded the pictures. 

I found a new online application and allows me to easily intensify my subjects in the photos.  There were quite a few that was a bit dull and I used this application to enhance the colors.  I am so happy that I found this application.  If I had not done, I would have discarded these photos.

I also got a few great shots for my portfolio.

Last night I used my Hotmail account to create an album to send the photos to my client.  I sent two emails.  It took quite some time to upload these photos.  My initial intention was to give my client a CD with the photos on it.  This is much easier and less time consuming.  I will do that tonight.

To be professional, I will also do a contact sheet, invoice (attach a business card onto the invoice).  I also have to remember to get permission to use the photos on my website.

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