Friday, February 3, 2012

Black and White Photography

I like to try different techniques I decided to try my hand at Black and White Photography.  My first attempt was to try and change a color photo to black and white.  My first attempt was with Photobucket because I know that they have a greyscale feature.  But when I applied the feature to one of my photo, I thought that it looked flat - had no depth.

So after some more research, I learnt that a color photo can be simply changed to black and white by pressing a button on certain digital cameras.  Cool!  I tried doing this with some of my photos that were on my camera but from what I saw on my camera monitor I was not pleased.

I recently found this online photo editor,, and it has some really great features.  Changing a color photo to black and white is one of the features available!  I did my text with the photo below.  First I used the Quick Enhancement feature to sharpen the colours and THEN I clicked on the Black and White option. 

I spent quite some time trying these steps out until I got a result that I was satisfied with.

Now you may be probably wondering why would someone choose to go back to black and white photos.  Well some photographers actually prefer digital black and white photos and there is a particular type of art in these types of photos.  

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  1. I love black and white photos because it give character to certain scenes. I love this photo. It tells a unique story.


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