Friday, March 16, 2012

Zenfolio Webinar

I received a Zenfolio newsletter a few days ago and I realized that there are some instructional videos on the website.  So I visited the website and watched the videos. Basically what I knew but it is good to know that these videos exist.

There is also a webinar that I looked at which was approximately one hour long but it took me about four hours to complete.  Reason being, as I saw a feature that I liked, I paused the webinar and implemented it on my website.  Some steps took some time because it had to be done to each category.  I did things like change the colors of header and footer text, increase the size of photos on the slide show (I also added some more great photos to the slide show) which is located on the home page.  I also changed the layout of the category pages.

The step that I did for the first time was to create a page. I had a welcome message on the home page but I removed it and decided to create a page with the welcome message.  So on the home page, there is a link to this welcome message.

There is also a feature where my visitors could purchase prints of my photos, mouse pads, cups, t-shirts etc with my photos on these items.  I will personally purchase an item to test the service and the end product.  The currency for the products were listed in Euros, I changed that to USD.

In my spare time, I will have to watch the other webinar, I want to learn about keywords and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  This is my zenfolio website - Photographer's Art

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